Panelists of the 2019 International Assembly

Amanda Kenny. Image copyright La Trobe University 2019

Professor Amanda Kenny is the inaugural Violet Marshman Professor of Rural Health in the La Trobe University Rural Health School in Bendigo, Australia. Her research involves extensive partnerships with vulnerable populations and she is an expert in primary health and rural health policy.  She is internationally recognised for her expertise in multidisciplinary participatory research, co-design and integrated knowledge translation. She has led or contributed to highly cited policy documents, and as an expert witness, has given evidence to major government inquiries. In her career, Amanda has attracted almost AU$105 million dollars of grant funding for research and major strategic initiatives.  Amanda is a passionate educator, has strong international partnerships, currently holds international grants, and mentors senior leaders in a number of countries. She is the Deputy Editor of Nurse Education Today and Co-Editor in Chief of the Australian Journal of Primary Health.

Seija Mahlamäki-Kultanen Image copyright HAMK 2019

Adjunct professor Seija Mahlamäki-Kultanen is a dean in Professional Teacher Education Unit at Häme University of Applied Sciences, also the vice chair of the National Teacher Education Forum, appointed by the Minister of Education and Culture in Finland. She is interested in all types of education with a special focus on teacher development and global education. She has published more than 100 scientific and professional publications on education as well as work experience in education, research and development with vocational institutions, universities and universities of applied sciences.

Jari Lavonen. Image copyright University of Helsinki

Dr. Jari Lavonen is a Professor of Physics and Chemistry Education at the University of Helsinki, Finland. He is the director of national Teacher Education Forum and chairman of the Matriculation Examination Board. He is a visiting professor at the Michigan State University and University of Johannesburg. He has been researching science and technology education and teacher education for the last 31 years and his main research interests are science and technology teaching and learning, curriculum development, teacher education and use of ICT in education. He has published altoghether 150 refereed scientific papers in journals and books, 140 other articles and 160 books for either science teacher education or for science education. He has been active in international consulting, for example involving the reneval of teacher education in Norway, Peru and South Africa.

Jaana Muttonen. Image copyright HAMK 2019

M.Ed. Jaana Muttonen is a manager at Research Services at HAMK School of Professional Teacher Education. The main focus of her work is to support the design and implementation of research and development projects. She has a wide range of leadership competence in top-level personnel, financial and general management issues. Jaana has been recognized by the National Teacher Education Forum, which is  appointed by the Minister of Education and Culture in Finland, for her innovative active attitude towards the development of education.

Outi Wallin. Image copyright TAMK 2019

Dr. Outi Wallin is the Head of the Degree Programme in Social Services at Tampere University of Applied Sciences. She has defended her doctoral degree on Discourse Analysis of Work Commitment from the Perspectives of Family, Work Welfare, Professional and Customer Oriented Approaches. Outi has been an active national and international project developer in the field of social services education. She has actively participated in Finnish education export to China and a number of European countries.

Tuulikki Sjögren

Dr. Tuulikki Sjögren is a senior lecturer and expert from the University of Jyväskylä. Her expertise is in public health, rehabilitation medicine and adult education. Tuulikki has been active in publishing in national and international scientific publications and books relating to physiotherapy and rehabilitation. She is active extensively in national and international education development projects in specialized fields of healthcare.


Paula Vaskuri

Paula Vaskuri is the head of IT- services at the University of Oulu. Her main task is to develop IT services for teaching and learning in national and international projects of education. She is active in participating in national and international education projects, such as government key projects UNIPS and DigiCampus. Since 2001 she has been active in developing various digital collaborative learning environments, building and coordinating of Peda-Forum network, and leading educational degree programmes.