From TerOpe-project to SHaREducation network in 2020!

We have started our journey as Competent Educators Together in 2017 under the project name TerOpe! The network of health care educators has started already in the year 2000. TerOpe-project has enabled us to build a larger network by including social care and rehabilitation educators. We want to thank the Ministry of Education and Culture in Finland for providing us with funding to make our dream come true. The funding has offered us a great opportunity to systematically develop national and internationally comparable competence requirements for social-, health care and rehabilitation educators.

Furthermore, we were able to build a new competence development model for educators’ systematic career development. Besides, the project developed an online course in digital pedagogy, which has been piloted on educators and educator students. We continue as a new larger and stronger network in SHaREducation.

The main purpose of our project was to have a systematic, evidence-based exploring of :

  • what kind of competence educators need to have when educating social-, health care and/or rehabilitation educators?
  • how educators can develop their competence?
  • what kind of support do they need?
  • how educators can tackle digitalization in their daily work?
  • how can we support educators and build sharing culture?

When looking for answers as a team of seven organizations, we have produced 153 scientific and general-public publications, involved four doctoral dissertations and 17 MA thesis, involved above 30 teacher degree students in project work and presented our outcomes 84 times in conferences and seminars. The team has reached 670 participants in eleven different events arranged by TerOpe – project team. The online activity has reached 7977 participants from 72 different countries.

TerOpe-project webpage was opened by all countries marked in pink.

After two and a half years of work together in a highly innovative team, we have only scratched the surface. We trust that the year 2020 will create for us an opportunity to go deeper in sharing what we found, to build new knowledge and most of all to grow even stronger as Competence Educators together!

TerOpe- project team at international TerOpe-project assembly.

We thank you all for being part of this journey!


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